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Santa’s Rowdy Yee-Haw Wild Western Day Off

Santa’s Rowdy Yee-Haw Wild Western Day Off

Help Santa save his reindeer!


It’s the 26th of December and Santa has delivered all of the gifts to the children.

Now, it is Santa’s day off and he decided to take a much needed vacation in the oasis of the Wild West. He meets up with Gideon Goodboy, you know Gideon, he is the dog that cheats at cards. They get into a discussion about how Gideon has already mounted two of Santa’s retired reindeer on his wall. So, they make a bet, settled by a poker match that is happening in one hour. If Santa wins, he gets free eggnog for life. If Gideon wins, Santa’s nine reindeer will be replaced by his gang of sled dogs and Rudolph and his friends will have a future in saloon decor. Gideon is not worried about the bet, as he has rigged the deck to be dealt the second highest hand in poker! If you don’t break into the game room of the saloon, and rig Santa’s cards to have a royal flush, then Santa will lose! Saddle up, partner, you’re in for a Wild West Christmas.


4812B N Sheridan Rd, Peoria, IL 61614

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