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M-TH: 12pm – 10pm
FRI: 12pm – 11pm
SAT: 10am – 11pm
SUN: 12pm-6:30pm


4812B N Sheridan Rd
Peoria, IL 61614

620 W Glen Ave
Peoria, IL 61614


What is an escape room?

An escape room is a real-life puzzle game with a series of clues and locks. Teams will attempt to solve the puzzles to advance through and eventually escape from the room, all within a 60 minute time limit.

Am I actually locked in?

No, you are not actually locked in.

Which room should I choose?

Click on each room’s description for details and book the one that looks the most fun! If you are looking for a recommendation, please give us a call to discuss.

Do I need a group of eight to participate?

No — You can have as few as two people. We are the only escape room in Peoria where all of our bookings are guaranteed private, so you can enjoy the room with only the group that you bring! However, for our Monkey Business game, we do require a minimum of four people!

Is there an age limit?

We generally advise that escape rooms are not suitable for kids under 10. The puzzles are typically too difficult for that age group, though we will make exceptions if they are part of a larger family group. Remember, even college students and adults find escape rooms a challenge! Adults are required to accompany groups that include minors.

How much does it cost?

For 2-person groups, the price per game is $78 total ($39/person). For 3+ person groups, the price is $32/adult, $26/student, and $26/military. However, please feel free to contact us to see if there are any current promotions going on.

Do we need to make reservations?

Yes — Reservations are required at least ninety minutes in advance. If you want to book a room within ninety minutes, please call us at (309) 229-9892 to discuss options.

How can I sign up?

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! You can buy gift vouchers here.

What if I want to add more people to my group, but the booking page says "Room is full?"

Please give us a call if you want to add more people to your group. Even though the booking page says the room is full, we can manually add members to your group. Your room will still be private to the group you bring!

Do you offer group discounts?

Generally we do not offer group discounts. If you feel that an exception should be made for your group please contact us!