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M-TH: 12pm – 10pm
FRI: 12pm – 11pm
SAT: 11am – 11pm
SUN: 12:00PM-6:30PM


4812B N Sheridan Rd
Peoria, IL 61614

Party House

Party House

Get the frat house ready for tonight’s big party!!

It’s your Freshman year at Escapetown University. You and your roommate just pledged Epsilon Tau Rho, the coolest fraternity on campus.

Your new brothers have given your pledge class the most important task of the semester; you have to throw the best party the fraternity has ever seen.

There’s just one problem: the house chores haven’t been done in a week and you’re locked out of the DJ’s sound system. The girls from the sorority next door are coming over in one hour.

Hurry! Get the house ready and the music blasting before the brothers get back with the drinks and the girls show up for the best party this campus has ever seen!

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Justin N.

Thank you for a awesome time. The boys really enjoyed it and liked Ethans hints. The rooms were fun and challenging and kept three 10 year old boys engaged the entire hour. It was definitely well organized and not too difficult for the kids but challenging enough for the adults to have to think. Again thanks for a great experience. We will be back to try the others in the future.

Justin, Alicia, Luke, Kael, and Brody

Helen B.

It has been difficult to find fun things to do with the kids this Summer. We tried our first escape room and had a great time. We are going again tomorrow.

Erin B.

We had a great time! The puzzles were clever and well thought-out. The owner greeted us at the end and was super friendly. The free coozies for making it out in time was a nice bonus. Highly recommended!

Erika H.

My boyfriend and I had a blast today trying out an escape room for the first time. It was challenging, exciting, and just plain fun. The staff was also super friendly, and we cannot wait to try escaping the other rooms.

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