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Wild West Jailbreak

Wild West Jailbreak

Can you break free before the nasty sheriff finds you?

Brave the Wild West and uncover hidden clues to free you and your friends from this jail cell.

The meanest sheriff in the Wild West, Alfred J.W. Abernathy, has arrested your buddy Clive after a fight at the local saloon last night and swears he’s going to hang at high noon tomorrow morning.

But you know he’s an innocent man.

Your team has one hour to steal the keys to Clive’s cell and get him out of town before Abernathy shows up. If you can’t get Clive out, he’s going to swing, and so will you. Good luck, partners!

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Patricia K.

8/3 I brought my daughter (13) and her friend to the Jailbreak Escape. We had so much fun. This was the girls 3rd time at an escape room and this was their favorite. Puzzles were fun. Cassidy was our game master and we loved her. We told her we were novices and she gave us clues when we were stuck, which we appreciated. Props were interesting. We will definitely return for another room. We live about an hour and a half away but it was worth the drive. Thank you !

Jessica C.

We really enjoyed the Wild West Room!!!!! It was so much fun and a great experience! We loved the Game Master Beth Ann every time we return we will be requesting her! She really makes the experience a great one and my daughter wanted me to say how sweet and friendly she was!

Diane L.

We had never done an escape room before, so based on recommendations, we did the Wild West room. It was our family of four which included two hard-to-impress teenage boys. We ALL LOVED it! It was longer and more complicated than all of us thought it would be - but it wasn't impossible. It was perfect for our first experience. Challenging, yet SO FUN! Mike was our game master and he was awesome! Gave us clues when needed and very funny. Would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone on the fence. We will definitely be coming back again!

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